1. carelessness, heedlessness, unmindfulness, regardlessness, disregardfulness, negligence, neglectfulness, remissness; inadvertence, inat-tentiveness, unobservance; inconsiderateness, incon-sideration, insensibility, unthinkingness, forgetfulness, obliviousness; tactlessness, untactfulness, unsolici-tousness.
2. recklessness, rashness, precipitousness, foolhardiness; imprudence, injudiciousness, indiscretion, improvidence.
3. flightiness, giddiness, dizziness; vacuousness, emptiness, empty-headedness, blankness.
4. foolishness, stupidity, senselessness, witlessness, brainlessness; asininity, idiocy, moronism, craziness, insanity, madness; All Sl. nuttiness, screwiness, looniness, daffiness, wackiness, battiness.

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